Where it all began

Irij was built upon handed down lyrics from Croatia offering a never-ending source to the imagination of five foot two Swiss-Croatian fire cracker Meri Tadic.

Strong electronic beats followed by elements of Rock, spirited instrumentals, a soothing voice and a tip of the hat to the Metal world, from which she was born.

A new taste of Electro Folk Rock is throwing a charming smile to the macabre side of life.

Starting with the success

Being involved in the international Music Business for over a decade Meri commited to her first studio engagement in 2002, to what we now know as the internationally renowned Swiss Folk Metal band Eluveitie. As a founding member she has significantly influenced the band for 11 years.

With almost a thousand shows and 7 albums under her belt she has been celebrated by enthusiastic Metal fans from Los Angeles to Moscow and Paris to Delhi.

Coinciding with her departure from Eluveitie in January 2014 she received the “Swiss Music Award” for the category “Best Live Act National”.

Not stopping…

Amidst the whirlwind chaos of repeated touring, she has managed to produce her first completely autonomous Irij EP in 2009. In 2014 she didn’t only surprise the Metal community by releasing her follow up album “SAME ZGODE… koje se ne mogu dogoditi!“ but also drew the attention of the mainstream media.
Draženka Stančić for on „Same Zgode…“
“With this album, the Croatian Ethno Music scene is standing one step higher in it’s development.”

With the Maxi Single and Video Release of “High Above Sorrow” the Violinist and Singer proved to have remained refreshing and inspired, while she’s reminding herself of how high love can make you fly. The Single is a winning formula of diversity and brilliant musicianship across the different versions: Original, Croatian Version, Piano Remix and Drum and Bass Remix.

Her session members: Drummer Dominik Burkhalter (Bligg/Grand Pianoramax), Bassist Manu Rindlisbacher (Ingrid Lukas) and Guitarist Maze Koon (Tomazobi), are emerging into a powerful and organic band presenting to us her hand-made music.

Until now…

In times of outrageous religious irrationality, it is not only womanhood that gets reflected on the new album “CULTURA CURA”. Whilst women have been demonized and enslaved for centuries just to become exploited and reduced to the shape of their bodies, we’ve got to buck off the chains of dogma all as one.

The new songs shine light on those aspects in many different contexts. Some songs are a disputation between mythological spirits while others are “sweet nothings” which underline the erotic side of life and celebrate the universal, free, wild and untamable beauty and strength of womanhood.

“CULTURA CURA” is the weapon in a cosmic conflict. Where no bullets are needed to put harmful standards to the grave for good.